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L'Anima del Bosc

In 2020, Laurence, naturopath and nutritionist created L'Ànima del Bosc. With 6 years of practicing naturopathy, that's all naturally that Laurence turns to the extraordinary potential of birch for our health. Her objective is to share the benefits of nature with the most absolute respect for it. this.

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Our values

Nature above all


Our ethics

We want to restore the beneficial action of nature in its entirety. This is why the birch sap that we offer you is a fresh sap without preservatives, without filtering, without alcohol and unpasteurized in order to keep its therapeutic properties intact.


Respect for trees

We collect the sap by making a small hole. First, we connect a food grade pipe which is changed regularly. It is connected to a carboy. Then we drill only to the length necessary for collection. Finally, we recap at the end of the collection.

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Our territory

Combining modernity with the protection of nature

This could be the motto of the Principality of Andorra.

Andorra has obtained no less than 2 distinctions from the UNESCO to guarantee and protect its natural heritage.
For example, the Ordino Valley, classified as a biosphere zone, and the Madriu Perafita-Claror valley, classified as a world heritage site.

The Principality of Andorra has been a small independent democratic and social republic since 1993.
However, its history mentions the passage of Charlemagne in the valleys of Andorra. Having left to fight the invasion of the Muslims, he grants his gratitude to the Andorran people.

The Principality of Andorra owes its name to a treaty signed in the Middle Ages, on September 8, 1278, between the Count of Foix and the Spanish Archbishop of La Seu d'Urgell. They became the first co-princes of Andorra. A tradition that continues until today between the President of the French Republic and the Spanish Bishop.

The Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley: heritage of humanity

Ordino, biosphere reserve, recognized by UNESCO

Andorra mountains

Our labels

Giving credibility to our values


The Nature & Progress charter

If official organic farming offers a guarantee of practices that are more respectful of the environment than conventional agriculture, Nature & Progrès is not satisfied with this. The association believes that mere respect for technical rules is not enough. can prevent the excesses and dead ends of the conventional system (profitability and the race for productivism in the lead). In its concern for coherent agriculture, Nature & Progrès attributes its mention in a global way both from technical specifications but also based on a charter, taking into account environmental, social and economic aspects. This charter has as a backdrop a social project based on friendly and close relationships between people and their environment: a humanist, ecological society and alternative.

To be able to officially benefit today from the “organic” designation, a product of animal or plant origin must meet precise criteria, recorded since 1991 in the European specifications of biological agriculture. These are controlled by approved certifying bodies (third-party certification imposed by European regulations). Nature & Progrès manages its own specifications independently of European regulations. These specifications have been co-constructed since 1964 and regularly updated. They are developed in consultation between professional and consumer members. Nature & Progrès defends Participatory Guarantee Systems, an alternative to third-party certification, guarantors of the solidarity approach integrated into the organic movement.

Nature et progres logo

Biosphere Ordino Label

This mention promotes spaces where the conservation of natural heritage and economic activities coexist with the sustainable development of the territory.
It is, framed by the charter of the Ordino biosphere reserve recognized by the UNESCO and the Nature and Progress charter that we harvest our fresh birch sap and that we pick our plants and buds from 1600 meters above sea level. We harvest sparingly so as not to have any impact on the flora. We do not We never collect more than 10% of a species in a given area.

Ordino, reserva de biosfera

Ecocert Label

Organic Agriculture Europe certification guarantees:
  • protection of the environment and climate
  • conservation of soil fertility
  • maintaining biodiversity
  • respecting natural cycles and animal welfare
  • non-use of synthetic chemicals
  • non-use of GMOs
  • transparent labeling for the consumer
Label Ecocert

Andorran agricultural products and artisans

Agricultural products and artisans of Andorra is a trademark created in 2014 by the Department of Agriculture of the Government of Andorra to accommodate under a common name the various micro-business initiatives related to productions local agri-food and artisanal food productions. Andorran Agricultural and Artisan Products is synonymous with territory, mountains, altitude, rigorous work, small-volume productions, a high component of manual work, a bond strong with nature, sustainable practices, tradition, entrepreneurship and micro-enterprise.

Productes agricoles i artesans d'andorra